Keynote Presentation – Knowing How to Mediate and Negotiate Workplace Conflict

Caryn Cridland is Keynote Speaking at the 2013 Executive Assistant Network in Sydney on 14 March 2013.

Here is an overview of her presentation.

Knowing How to Mediate and Negotiate Workplace Conflict 

Conflict resolution strategies are essential in the workplace. Developing your conflict resolutions skills will increase your confidence in dealing with conflict and assist you resolve any workplace conflict you may be faced with quickly and easily.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn strategies to help you resolve workplace conflict in a timely and effective manner through:

  • understanding your own and others’ feelings and needs
  • further developing your listening and empathy skills
  • learning how to manage your emotions when faced with conflict
  • learning strategies for mapping the conflict and adopting a birds-eye view of the issues
  • increase your ability to mediate and negotiate

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