Dear Nelson,

Dear Nelson, I am writing to you as I have heard of your passing. The tears I cried in hearing this news, was for you personally, to finally be free of your suffering, and also for all of humanity to have lost, in my view, the greatest human being who ever lived. Few human beings […]

Newcastle Mediation Conference – 9 May 2014

Caryn Cridland has been invited to speak at Newcastle Mediation Conference on 9 May 2014, alongside Terry O’Connell and Bill Hewitt.

Leadership is An Art, A Science, and A Lifelong Journey

Leadership begins with your first breath and ends with your last. It involves every aspect of your life from the moment you awake until the moment you fall asleep. Why is it that sometimes we forget this? We jump in the car on the way to work on Monday morning and the first time the […]

Gratitude and Toilet Seats

What does gratitude mean to you? Is it a thought or a feeling? I hadn’t really considered gratitude much until I deeply experienced it as an all encompassing feeling or emotion. Up until this point it seemed that I had mostly experienced it as a thought. Something that I thought I “should” feel for an […]

It IS All About YOU!

The title of this article is probably opposite to what you think the article is going to be about. How many times have you heard people sarcastically saying this to others, maybe even you, when you seem self-focused or selfish?   While these words are often said together sarcastically, there is something very real and […]

Advanced Workplace Mediation Training – July 2014

Workplace Mediation Training 23-25 July 2014. Canberra. Advanced Workplace Mediation Training.  12-16 May 2014. Sydney. 5 Day – Workplace Mediation Training – National Accreditation (NMAS). Call 1300 646 338. Mindful Mediation are delighted to let you know that we are now offering two workplace mediation training courses. The Workplace Mediation Training – 5 Day National Accreditation Course meets the requirements for National […]


Mindful Mediation are delighted to have been invited to attend the invite only HR ANZ Summit on 31 Mar – 2 Apr 2014, Surfers Paradise, Marriott Resort & Spa. Mindful Mediation were selected as one of 25 solution providers by HR Director Delegates.

Be Whoever You Want to Be

Psychology is an interesting and diverse profession. It provides many rewards and challenges and mostly involves working closely with others to study and enhance their well-being. In its quest to find its place alongside psychiatry, psychology has become increasingly scientifically rigorous in recent years. Scientific rigour has many benefits. We now know a lot about […]

Education – The Most Powerful Weapon to Change The World

I would love to claim this hard-hitting quote but it’s merely short hand for Nelson Mandela’s quote: “Education is the most powerful weapon which YOU can use to change the world.”  We Are Educated. We Are Privileged. I felt very privileged last week posting a blog on Well-being and all the wonderful ways we can […]

Well-Being: Who Says Nothing Is For Free?

Nic Marks, psychologist, and Founder of the Centre for Wellbeing at the New Economics Foundation, says that well-being “At the highest level…is the quality of people’s experience of life.” It may be defined as an experienced sense of happiness.   Well-being describes our physical, mental, psychological, spiritual, and emotional health. The great thing about well-being […]

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