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Caryn Cridland, Our Founder, shares some tips on improving workplaces and overcoming conflict on Channel 7’s The Morning Show.


Mindful Mediation have published a range of articles on various topics – mediation, leadership, psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness, and spirituality. Click on the links below to Read More!

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How to Encourage Perspective-Taking

Perspective-Taking Leads to Enlightenment

The Mediator, The Artist

Hope Is The Best Medicine

Why Has Mindfulness Become So Popular?

Why Has Mindfulness Become So Popular?

How To Rescue A Professional Relationship

How to Prevent Conflict In The Workplace

Does Your Approach Minimise Workplace Conflict, Or Escalate It?

Work Mediation Tips

All You Need Is Love

The Age of Consciousness

From Crisis to Compassion

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