Mediation Services

Our mediation services provide you with fast and effective ways of dealing with conflict so you can get on with your life, work or running your business.

Unique approach

Mindful Mediation’s holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to conflict resolution promotes successful resolutions.

Tailored evidence-based services

We tailor our mediation services to your particular conflict and the people involved. We draw on a range of psychological evidence-based techniques to facilitate conflict resolution, as well as increased interpersonal understanding and behavioural change.

Promoting ongoing relationships

As a result of our comprehensive and holistic approach, our clients are able to foster ongoing relationships following the resolution of the conflict, should they wish to do so, or circumstance necessitates.

Range of Mediation Services

We provide a range of mediation services designed to resolve a variety of issues and disputes:



Conflict Coaching


Team Assessments

Short and long standing conflicts

We can assist you resolve low level conflicts, as well as long term engrained conflicts that have spanned many years and involve many people.

Interpersonal conflicts

Our focus is on interpersonal conflict resolution and conflicts involving ineffective communication between two or more people.

Mindful Mediation’s mediation services are proven to successfully resolve conflict. Call 1300 MINDFUL (646 338) for fast, effective and durable mediation services.