Positive 2012 – Australia’s 3rd Positive Psychology Conference

Our Director, Caryn Cridland presented her research in a poster, Positive Organisations In Minutes, at Positive 2012, the 3rd Australian Positive Psychology and Well-being Conference, hosted by the Australian Institute for Business Wellbeing on 24-25 March 2012. Here is the abstract of the paper:

Positive organisations impact society. They spread positive emotions, behaviours, relationships, and engender a positive culture via reciprocity. Positive emotions spread through organisations, via contagion (at a physiological level), creating meaning for others via accumulated interpersonal events (Fredrickson, 2011). This promotes organisational transformation through upward spirals.

The current study indicates that brief interventions of little over one minute may impact employee behaviour when resolving interpersonal issues. It supports previous research indicating that even brief compassion inductions lead to increased compassion, higher levels of perceived self-other similarity (Oveis, Horberg, & Keltner, 2010), and increased positive perceptions (Fogarty, Curbow, Wingard, McDonnell, & Somerfield, 1999).

Click here to download the poster: POSITIVE ORGANISATIONS IN MINUTES


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