“I absolutely admire Caryn’s ability to stay calm, independent and compassionate.”

“Caryn’s ability to identify common goals, messages etc when we couldn’t is amazing and to help us step back and consider ‘what’s going on here’ in a safe and respectful manner is incredible.”

“Caryn’s insights without judgment are a special talent and essential to success.”

“I never would have believed we could achieve agreements and move forward with such a dramatic change in attitude, with trust and respect.”

“At first I felt like I needed a restraining order and we finished mediation with a hug and laughing together – truly amazing!”

“Caryn’s experience, skills and delightful personality offer a unique ability to help participants consider other perspectives and become more self aware, sufficiently to open the door to reach agreements where simply could not see it before.”

“Caryn has a fabulous ability to summarise key points and help participants understand what the other person is saying.”

“Thanks for helping me stay positive and optimistic.”

“You helped us dig deep to reach agreements and secure sustainable outcomes – real cures, not just bandaids for superficial wounds.”

“Caryn, you facilitated an environment where we felt safe, and comfortable to be totally open and honest with ourselves & each other. I doubt we could have done that, and resolved our differences, without mediation with you.”

“I don’t think anyone could possibly understand the process or the benefits if they haven’t been through mediation.”

“I’m starting to see a vision of the future much better now, and will be able to move out of survival mode.”

“I feel a huge burden lifting off my shoulders, at last!”

“You’re calm, caring and straightforward in style. Very well done!”

“ Thanks again for yesterday. I was very pleased with the process and outcome, and I think your approach and manner was a significant factor in the progress that was made.”