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“Hope is the best medicine.” One of my clients said to me last week…

“Hope is the best medicine.” One of my clients said to me last week… Just days before I was lecturing at the University of Technology, Sydney, and explaining the importance of hope to the postgraduate students. I recalled a story of a client I had worked with a few years earlier. This client will of course remain […]

5 Powerful Tips to Turn Your Workplace Relationships Around

Workplace relationships often deteriorate over time as a result of incidents and events that lead us to make assumptions and judgments, and jump to conclusions. By following a few simple steps we can often prevent our workplace relationships from deteriorating. In many cases by working through issues early on we can even strengthen relationships. Effective […]

Keynote Presentation – Knowing How to Mediate and Negotiate Workplace Conflict

Caryn Cridland is Keynote Speaking at the 2013 Executive Assistant Network in Sydney on 14 March 2013. Here is an overview of her presentation. Knowing How to Mediate and Negotiate Workplace Conflict  Conflict resolution strategies are essential in the workplace. Developing your conflict resolutions skills will increase your confidence in dealing with conflict and assist […]

Workplace Bullying – What is it costing you?

Workplace bullying complaints are increasing by the day. Some large organisation are reporting that nearly 50% of all claims are for Bullying and Harassment issues. Bullying claims are not cheap. When faced with claims organisations have a number of choices, all of which can be costly. The difference between the choices is the outcome of […]