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WorkCover – Business Forum

Caryn Cridland, Our Founder, will be presenting Maintaining Office Relationships at WorkCover’s Business Forum on 4 June 2013 at the Sebel in Sydney.  

Why Are We Going So Crazy About Mindfulness?

Why has mindfulness become so popular in recent years?      There are mindfulness practices popping up in every area imaginable – mindfulness meditation, mindful eating, mindful listening, mindful therapies, mindfulness at work and so on. More than 10 years ago there were estimates that were more than 240 hospitals, clinics and other health-related settings […]

Perspective-Taking Leads to Enlightenment

Two weeks ago I wrote about “Why Perspective-Take: The Rainbow.” I was planning on writing about perspective-taking in two consecutive blogs. A day or so after I posted this blog, I was introduced to a model or philosophy by a friend and teacher, Terry Hitsche. This philosophy sums up perfectly what I was attempting to […]

How to Encourage Perspective-Taking

Radio Chit-Chat The other morning on the way to a mediation, I heard some early morning radio chit-chat. The male and female presenters were discussing taxi drivers in Sydney. They mentioned a news story of the previous weekend. In the early hours of Sunday morning, a taxi driver had pulled over to a group of […]

Why Perspective-Take? The Rainbow…

Perspective-taking is an essential part of our lives. Consider all the ways you use this skill in your life. Now consider all the ways you could use this skill in your life!  If you’re getting stuck, the next two weeks of blogs will explore this important skill. We will look at why perspective-taking is so […]