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Stop: Do you recover from work daily?

Organisational psychologists, Human Resource Practitioners, managers, business owners, and organisational leaders all have one thing in common. They want to know how to motivate, inspire, and engage employees or workers. There has been an abundance of research and books written on this topic as a result. One thing that they have forgotten along the way […]

Relationships Are Like Cultures

Relationships are like cultures. When you first enter a relationship or culture, even with the best of intentions, you may not fit in. Sometimes it is far worse – distress or conflict may result as you negotiate the new situation.    I began thinking about culture during a recent trip to America. I noticed when […]

Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience, and Altruism

The last few weeks we have looked at some of the latest neuroscience discoveries relating to altruism, empathy, and helping behaviours. This research got me thinking about how all this research relates to leaders and organisations. The Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (the MSCEIT) Since 2007, I have coached over a thousand leaders and […]

Search and You Will Find: Facial Expressions, Empathy and Altruism

The brain is complex there is no doubt. That is one thing neuroscientists would most likely all agree on. Recent discoveries are, however, uncovering some fascinating and logical connections in the brain.  Scientific studies are converging on the connections between facial expressions and empathy. These studies have implications for how we develop our selves and our […]

Extreme Altruism And The Amygdala

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of hearing Stephanie Preston from the University of Michigan summarise neuroscience research being carried through grants made by the Templeton Foundation of the University of Pennsylvania. She was speaking on the third day of the International Positive Psychology Conference in Los Angeles. The Templeton Foundation was set up to fund […]