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Who Is in Your Tribe?

Who Is in Your Tribe? Families are the most important part of life. They provide us with the best things in life – love, warmth, protection, understanding, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, friendship, fun, laughter, and togetherness. Families help us through tough times and laugh at our un-funny jokes (some times!) and make us laugh when we […]

Dignity and Acceptance

What does dignity mean to you? It’s not a word or feeling I come across much. I don’t think dignity is talked about much in everyday conversations. Certainly not those I am involved in. When I do hear about it, it is usually in the context of workplace training to combat bullying and harassment. A […]

Dear Nelson,

Dear Nelson, I am writing to you as I have heard of your passing. The tears I cried in hearing this news, was for you personally, to finally be free of your suffering, and also for all of humanity to have lost, in my view, the greatest human being who ever lived. Few human beings […]

Newcastle Mediation Conference – 9 May 2014

Caryn Cridland has been invited to speak at Newcastle Mediation Conference on 9 May 2014, alongside Terry O’Connell and Bill Hewitt.

Leadership is An Art, A Science, and A Lifelong Journey

Leadership begins with your first breath and ends with your last. It involves every aspect of your life from the moment you awake until the moment you fall asleep. Why is it that sometimes we forget this? We jump in the car on the way to work on Monday morning and the first time the […]