Effective conflict resolution in the workplace saves your organisation time, money and workplace relationships.

Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict may be defined as “any workplace disagreement that disrupts the flow of work.” (CPP Global Human Capital Report, July 2008)

Act fast

Conflict in the workplace can be disruptive and interrupt businesses. They don’t need to. Effective resolutions are a phone call away. The sooner you attempt conflict resolution in the workplace, the quicker, easier and cheaper the resolution process will be.

Prevent Claims

Much litigation and claims against organisations can be prevented through acting fast and choosing effective conflict resolution processes for your workplace.

All levels of an organisation

Mindful Mediation offers specialist workplace mediation services designed to assist with conflict resolution in the workplace at all levels of an organisation:

  • Between staff members
  • Between staff and managers
  • Between managers
  • Between staff and customers, clients or stakeholders
Diverse range of workplace issues and disputes

We can assist you resolve a diverse range of workplace issues and disputes, quickly and effectively:

  • Communication
  • Relationship issues
  • Style incompatibility (communication, personality, leadership, and working style)
  • Allocation of work and performance
  • Perceived or actual discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • Changes to work practices, processes or technology
  • Demarcation of job / roles
  • Perceived unfair disciplinary action
  • Application or operation of a new award
Tailored workplace mediation services

Our diverse range of tailored workplace mediation services ensures that we can assist you and your unique business needs. Our services are designed to resolve immediate disputes, as well as reshape the future working relationship of the people involved. Our goal is to create a more harmonious workplace.

Workplace mediators

Our professional workplace mediators are experts at conflict resolution in the workplace.

Benefits of using external workplace mediators

Some of the benefits of using our mediators to assist you with conflict resolution in your workplace include:

  • Diagnosing the issues and needs
  • Determining the most effective dispute resolution process for the issues and the people involved
  • Confidentiality
  • Impartiality and Independence
  • No conflict of interest (with the people involved and / or other business concerns)

“You helped us dig deep to reach agreements and secure sustainable outcomes – real cures, not just bandaids for superficial wounds.”

Mindful Mediation specialises in conflict resolution in the workplace. Call 1300 MINDFUL (646 338) for fast, effective and durable conflict resolution in the workplace.