The 5 Benefits of Executive Conflict For Your Business

As published in on 2 April 2021. Abstract Executive conflict provides an opportunity for leaders to pause, reflect, and grow exponentially. If executives dare, they can use the challenge of conflict as a means to take their leadership from good to great, and even exceptional. We cannot expect our leaders to be perfect, […]

How to Rescue A Deteriorating Working Relationship

The benefits of developing an effective working relationship with colleagues is well documented, but how much time are you investing in maintaining them? A working relationship can easily deteriorate over time as a result of incidents and events that lead us to make assumptions and judgments, and jump to conclusions about our colleagues. However, by […]

“I Have a Dream…” A Skilled Workplace Mediator in Every Organisation

There is no doubt that workplace conflict is damaging to individuals, teams, and organisations. The exact costs of workplace conflicts are, however, often difficult to estimate, as many of them are intangible, and a matter of perspective.Some of the obvious ones are direct costs including litigation, workers’ compensation (psychological injury claims – average cost $30k), […]

5 Essential Skills of the Workplace Mediator

Workplace mediators require diverse and varied multi-disciplinary skills to effectively resolve complex workplace conflict. Some of the skills of a workplace mediator are unique to workplace mediation, and are required over and above standard mediation training. Family mediation has some overlaps –  such as ongoing relationships, and breakdowns of trust. There are also distinct differences […]

How to Overcome Workplace Conflict and Improve Workplace Culture

Workplace conflict is surprisingly common. Some studies have found that 70% of people experience workplace conflict. Other studies report even higher rates of up to 90%. This is alarming when many of us spend the majority of our lives at work. No one wants to feel uncomfortable going in to work each day. It is […]

Advanced Workplace Mediation Training – Sydney

Advanced Workplace Mediation Training 8-10 October 2014. Sydney. Call 1300 646 338. Mindful Mediation are offering an Advanced Workplace Mediation Training in Sydney on 8-10 October. The 3 day Advanced Workplace Mediation Training offers mediators and other professionals an opportunity to develop advanced mediation skills with a focus on workplace disputes. This advanced training focuses on micro-skill building using a multi-disciplinary approach including evidence-based psychological, and leadership development […]

Channel 7’s, The Morning Show – “Painful Bosses!”

Caryn Cridland, Founder of Mindful Mediation, appeared on Channel 7’s, The Morning Show, on 20 May 2014 discussing how to improve workplaces and overcome workplace conflict. The segment was titled “Painful Bosses!”  

National Mediation Conference 9-10 September 2014 – What Mediators Can Do For Our Workplaces?

Founder of Mindful Mediation, Caryn Cridland, will present her paper, “What Mediators Can Do For Our Workplaces?” at the National Mediation Conference in Melbourne 9-10 September 2014.  

Informa’s Workers’ Compensation Conference – Return to Work 29-30 July in Melbourne 2014

Caryn Cridland, Founder of Mindful Mediation has been invited to speak at Informa’s Worker’s Compensation Conference – Return to Work in Melbourne 29-30 July 2014.  

AHRI Webinar – Workplace or Warzone – How HR Can Prevent The Escalation of Workplace Conflict

Founder of Mindful Mediation, Caryn Cridland, presented a webinar for AHRI: Workplace or Warzone – How HR Can Prevent The Escalation of Workplace Conflict on 11 March 2014.