Workplace Mediation, Conflict Resolution, and Leadership Development

Mindful Mediation provides expert workplace mediation, workplace mediation training, and leadership development services to forward-thinking organisations. We are dedicated to helping leaders build stronger workplace relationships, create positive organisational cultures, and prevent, resolve, and manage workplace conflict. The result is improved engagement, higher performance, and more harmonious workplaces.


Caryn Cridland, Founder, of Mindful Mediation shares some tips on improving workplaces and overcoming conflict on Channel 7's Morning Show. What are the "pet peeves" of bosses and staff in workplaces? What are some top tips for creating more effective and harmonious workplaces? How can we overcome workplace conflict? If you would like to read the article - click below.

Workplace Mediation Training


• Prevent the Escalation of Workplace Conflict, Avoid Litigation, Workers’ Compensation and Bullying Claims
• Learn How to Create Positive Leaders, Teams and Workplace Cultures