What our clients say about our Workplace Mediation Training Courses:

“Inspiring, authentic. Reaching far beyond technical skills to the heart of mediation. Opening up possibilities for participants and extending resources for practice.”                    Ewa Grajewska – HR Consultant / Mediator

“Caryn’s presentation was in my opinion quite unique in holding the attention of the group over the whole 3-day period. Her presentation was excellent and her style thoroughly engaging. I found the workshop thoroughly informative and very enjoyable.” Sue Blashki – Former Magistrate / Mediator

“The pace was perfect so that the content was covered as promised – yet every opportunity was explored for additional personal needs. Caryn used her skills, knowledge as a model for learning. Her sharing of her experience was so generous and valuable. Not a power point presentation in sight! This was the most wonderful, confirming, educational workshop. Caryn tapped into everyone’s skills and needs.”  Carol Churchill – Case Manager / Mediator

“A wonderful, thorough job, professional and personable. I want to thank you in particular for the incredible resources you have collated and shared. The pre-reading, course material and tools are beyond wonderful and infinitely appreciated.”  Bianca Keys – Mediation Specialist / Conflict Coach

“Very calm and tranquil presence. Very real. I appreciated the effort put into the materials and the days. Learnt a lot and really motivated to move towards workplace mediation with more confidence. Great that the course covered not only process. Loved the self-care which is often forgotten about.”  Yula Blecher – FDRP / Mediator

“Excellent communication. Passionate about what she does. Walks the talk. Exceptionally well-presented and researched. Materials comprehensive. Remarkable reflection on practice and integration of materials and knowledge into a person-centred mediation practice. Exceptional practical tips and tools.”  Robyn Greaves – HR Consultant


What our clients say about our mediation, facilitation and coaching services

All comments are de-identified for confidentiality purposes.

Program Coordinator, Higher Education Institution, Melbourne

I decided to employ your services as a result of a recommendation. The benefits we received as a result of the mediation process were better management skills in the area of staff relations, recognising unhelpful behaviours in self and staff, and adjusting them accordingly.

I would recommend your service to others who are in the same situation as myself, who are seeking to remedy difficult problems within their teams. I would also recommend your service for personal development for management. I think your process and how you went about the service was a great tool that could be utilised in other situations by management.

Thank you for your assistance in the mediation process. It has helped us both as a team and as individuals.

Manager, Higher Education, Sydney

I was concerned that mediation would be done using a superficial “business speak” approach and not get to the bottom of the very human issues at the heart of our communication problems.

Mindful Mediation’s approach guided me safely through personal change which has helped me not only in the current situation, but will be valuable for the rest of my working life.

I have a much greater understanding of the role I need to play to make working an enjoyable, productive and harmonious experience. Specifically, I have learned how to ask for what I need from my boss in a way that encourages a productive working relationship.

I would recommend Mindful Mediation’s services to anyone wanting or needing to learn about their own work style, and how to work smoothly and enjoyably with others… I guess that’s everyone!”

HR Manager, Manufacturing Company, Sydney

“I was unsure about the mediation process at first, as it was an area that I had not explored or utilised previously, particularly from an external provider. After perusing your website, the outline of your services seemed to provide us with what we required and so we decided to give it a go!

The specific benefits we received as a result of the mediation process were improved communication and collaboration between the two employees involved; a marked improvement in the general atmosphere within the Sales department with a much more friendly, cooperative and warmer feeling being detected, which is quite positive. Both involved staff members also appear happier when compared to before the mediation.

I would recommend your services to any organisation that is experiencing conflict/friction between two employees where communication, cooperation and general productivity is impaired. The mediation process in my opinion would assist in repairing these relations and improving the general atmosphere/mood within the department involved.”

Senior Manager, Higher Education, Sydney

“Before trying mediation, I was sceptical and unsure whether any different outcome could be achieved from the existing situation of conflict. I thought I understood why the conflict situation had evolved, and that it was largely outside my control or influence.

The services of Mindful Mediation “Magic” (my insertion, hereafter referred to as MMM) were put forward by my Director and on recommendation from our Human Resources Unit. Therefore I was more a conscript than a volunteer.

The benefits were immediate, after my first consultation session with MMM. I had a shift in my perception of the problem based on the discussion and the charmingly presented challenges to my viewpoint. This resulted in a spontaneous reconciliation discussion with the work colleague concerned, the following working day. This has allowed us to cautiously restart a working relationship (which had completely broken down), even prior to the subsequent individual training sessions or later mediation session.

I recommend the services of MMM to anyone who has reached the limit of their interpersonal skills or emotional intelligence in resolving a situation of personal conflict. Given our own blind spots it may be difficult for you to “see” your limit has been reached. My recommendation is as follows – “Mindful Mediation opens the gateless gate to a transformation of your most difficult working relationship.”

Senior Manager, Financial Services, Sydney

At first I felt like I needed a restraining order and we finished mediation with a hug and laughing together – truly amazing! I never would have believed we could achieve agreements and move forward with such a dramatic change in attitude, with trust and respect. You helped us dig deep to reach agreements and secure sustainable outcomes – real cures, not just band-aids for superficial wounds.

Caryn, you facilitated an environment where we felt safe, and comfortable to be totally open and honest with ourselves and each other. I doubt we could have done that, and resolved our differences, without mediation with you.

I’m starting to see a vision of the future much better now, and will be able to move out of survival mode.”

Chief Executive Officer, Not-for-Profit, Sydney

I used Mindful Mediation services previously and thought they were excellent, so I was very much looking forward to having the next session. There was one person on the team who was very skeptical at first but after the workshop he was very impressed with the outcome and could see the benefits of what we did.

As a result of the work we did with Mindful Mediation, the new team is now clearer on our differing communication styles and approaches to work. We are all more “bigger-picture” people, which creates the challenge of keeping an eye on the detail. I would recommend Mindful Mediation’s services to other organisations that may need team building / clarity of preferred communication styles, etc. I have enjoyed working with your team. Keep up the good work.”

Human Resource Manager, Legal Services

Given the difficult situation we had, I was unsure success was achievable. To be honest, Caryn’s legal qualification was a factor, however, meeting her at a training course and a conference prior to the mediation gave me the confidence that she had the appropriate approach and skills for our organisation.

After the mediation session, a difficult interpersonal conflict that had built up over many years is now a professional and courteous working relationship. I recommend Mindful Mediation to anybody who needs the services of a qualified and professional mediator (especially in the legal profession). Caryn’s personal approach and communication style is very well suited to the needs of our organisation (and the legal profession in general). If we need any type of mediation services in the future you’ll be my first call!!”

Head of Commercial Services, The Arts

“Mindful Mediation’s services were recommended to the Director of our organisation. The benefits I received through the coaching process were learning different, very useful tools to deepen reflections about work relationships, and to understand myself, and my reactions in various situations with people I work with. The tools are practical and easy to use too.

I have enjoyed your support and “company” for the past 12 months. Our meetings have been very helpful as my view of my workplace when I met you was pretty grim. Many thanks.”

Pre-school Teacher, Childcare

“Thanks for the meeting today. I’m really feeling, I’ve received a “key” to (my colleague’s) heart… Today, I saw (my colleague) in front of me and suddenly she lost her social mask and become a gentle person during the meeting, because the power of love and honesty from my side and you and your colleague did an EXCELLENT job! Thank you!”

Head of Production, The Arts

The mediation process gave me a better understanding of my colleagues and our functional relations, and improved our means of communications. As someone initially cynical of mediation, I think that many types of organisation could benefit from this approach. Caryn did a terrific job.”

Operations Manager, State Government Organisation, Sydney

“Thanks again for yesterday. I was very pleased with the process and outcome, and I think your approach and manner was a significant factor in the progress that was made. You’re calm, caring and straightforward in style. Very well done!”

Senior Manager, Large State Government Organisation, Sydney

“In 2009 Caryn was engaged through my employer to resolve conflict issues within our work team.

At our first meeting, Caryn made me feel at ease with the process ahead. Caryn explained each step within the process she was going to implement to achieve a workable outcome to the conflict issues in our work team.

Caryn was professional in her approach to asking questions, seeking information to clarify the issues involved and understand the different dynamics within the work team. At all times, Caryn’s approach made me feel confident in her understanding of my responses, concerns and issues.

Prior to the face-to-face work team mediation, Caryn proposed guidelines and rules for all parties to work with to reach a successful outcome. These guidelines laid the foundations for a successful face-to-face mediation session. Whilst the issues involved were complex in nature, all parties, guided by Caryn, reached a successful and workable outcome.

Over the 12 months following the mediation, Caryn followed up with regular checks on the progress of the work team to ensure the agreements reached were being followed, and that work team relationships had improved.

I have no hesitation to recommend Caryn Cridland to any individual or company wishing to resolve work team conflicts within their workplace.”

Other feedback from clients about our mediation services

“I don’t think anyone could possibly understand the process or the benefits if they haven’t been through mediation.”

“I absolutely admire Caryn’s ability to stay calm, independent and compassionate.”

“Caryn’s ability to identify common goals, messages etc when we couldn’t is amazing and to help us step back and consider ‘what’s going on here’ in a safe and respectful manner is incredible.”

“Caryn’s insights without judgment are a special talent and essential to success.”

“Caryn’s experience, skills and delightful personality offer a unique ability to help participants consider other perspectives and become more self aware, sufficiently to open the door to reach agreements where simply could not see it before.”

“Caryn has a fabulous ability to summarise key points and help participants understand what the other person is saying.”

“Thanks for helping me stay positive and optimistic.”

“I feel a huge burden lifting off my shoulders, at last!”

What our clients say about our training, coaching, and facilitation services

“Very passionate and engaged, inspiring and knowledgeable!” Brett Rolfe

“Excellent facilitator. Great course. Very well run. All organisations should run this course! Caryn is very personable. Great person.” Paul

“Caryn is very friendly, relaxed and engaged the group well. She was interactive and kept the workshop fun and interesting. Thank you! I feel like I have a new skills that will improve my professional and personal relationships.” Vanessa

“Very personable, strong knowledge of the subject, thoroughly enjoyable and informative.” Michael

“Very informative, well referenced, informative and a lot of fun!” Dominic

“Caryn was excellent. Has a massive amount of knowledge. Top job.” Peter

“Caryn explained the concepts clearly and presented in an impressive manner.” Indira Dhamoon

“Great Communicator and method of presentation was excellent. Great things to learn and take with you. Keep up the good work.” Chander Kapila

“Caryn has very good interpersonal skills – very good team bonding and interaction.” Slav Vukanovich

“Caryn is an excellent facilitator. Her enthusiasm for the subject is infectious – her knowledge and experience is re-assuring. Excellent!”

“Caryn was very engaging and knowledgeable, genuinely interested in the topic and keen to ensure people understood.”

“Caryn is a very knowledgeable subject matter expert and responded well to questions and to the group.”

“Excellent. Interaction was high. Continuous buy-in with all participants.”

“Left the sessions excited about taking action to improve myself and trial new techniques.”

“Caryn is passionate about the subject and wants to share this with others. She genuinely cares about helping people learn.”

“Great job Caryn. Excellent to hear a range of examples I could relate to.”

“I never understood this before, no matter how hard people tried to explain it to me. You have a unique way of adapting to the learning style of others.”

“I loved Caryn’s style and manner – vigour, effectiveness, insightfulness.”

“Great pace and energy, maintained interest, very personable.”

“Caryn’s passion is infectious. It re-ignited my passion for my work.”

“I enjoyed the course and got so much from it – some of which I use everyday at work.”

“Whatever you do, don’t give up teaching!”

“Really good balance between introducing material and providing examples to illustrate the point from your own and others’ real experience. “

“Coaching during simulations was very affirming and focused on future improvements.”

“Very sensible and sensitive advice during the feedback on the simulations.”