The Mindful Difference

Mindful Mediation’s unique integrated multi-disciplinary approach to workplace conflict resolution combines legal, evidence-based psychological, leadership development, learning, and spiritual techniques.

Legal – our processes and resolutions are fair, just, and equitable

Psychological – we use scientifically proven methods to work with leaders (our approaches are evidence-based, systemic, and methodical)

Leadership Development – conflict is turned into an opportunity for personal and professional development

Spiritual – each conflict is viewed from an interconnected perspective (how it affects other areas of the individual’s lives, how it affects others around them)

Learning – we focus on learning and skill building to enhance workplace conflict resolution skills so that future workplace conflict is resolved, managed, and prevented.

Our unique approach results in improved understanding of self and others, behavioural change, and more harmonious workplaces.


Our resolutions are fast, effective, and durable. We ensure leaders and teams resolve workplace conflicts so they can get on with their important work.


Our mission is to create compassionate leaders and organisations that are not only highly profitable but do great things in the world.

Compassionate leaders are reflective, insightful, empathetic, resilient, humble, adaptive, and willing to take responsibility.


Every time we resolve conflict peacefully we take a step toward more peaceful relationships, communities, countries, and a more peaceful world.


Every peaceful feeling, thought, word, and action is a step closer toward world peace.

Our Values


We wholeheartedly believe in what we do and always commit ourselves completely to each client and resolution.


Our purpose is to unite people in mutual respect and understanding. We do this by creating space for leaders and groups to reflect on, and explore their own and others’ values, needs, and motivations. We help people set realistic goals for the resolution of the dispute, and then develop a plan to achieve their goals.


We empower people to take control of the situation and be the best they can be, by seeing the options available to them. Often in conflict people feel like they have lost control and have no options. Our responsibility is to help clients access their personal power, and see things from a different perspective, so they can make the most of opportunities.


We help people peel back the layers of inhibiting emotions that often appear during times of conflict – fear, anger, resentment. Recognising the power of these emotions is important. We encourage clients to mindfully create positive emotions that broaden thinking, build relationships, create new beginnings and encourage innovative solutions.


We believe that everyone does the best they can with the resources they see available to them. By helping clients to expand their resources they flourish. We encourage leaders to develop wisdom and compassion.


We take our peacemaking role seriously. Every peaceful feeling, thought, word, and action creates positive energy and peace in the world – like a drop of water becoming a stream, a river, the ocean.

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What do our clients say?

Caryn’s presentation was in my opinion quite unique in holding the attention of the group over the whole 3-day period. Her presentation was excellent and her style thoroughly engaging. I found the workshop thoroughly informative and very enjoyable.

~ Sue Blashki – Former Magistrate / Mediator

Mindful Mediation’s approach guided me safely through personal change which has helped me not only in the current situation, but will be valuable for the rest of my working life. I have a much greater understanding of the role I need to play to make working an enjoyable, productive and harmonious experience.

~ Manager, Higher Education, Sydney

The pace was perfect so that the content was covered as promised – yet every opportunity was explored for additional personal needs. Caryn used her skills, knowledge as a model for learning. Her sharing of her experience was so generous and valuable. Not a power point presentation in sight!

~ Carol Churchill – Case Manager / Mediator

Thanks again for yesterday. I was very pleased with the process and outcome, and I think your approach and manner was a significant factor in the progress that was made. You’re calm, caring and straightforward in style. Very well done!

~ Operations Manager, State Government Organisation, Sydney

A wonderful, thorough job, professional and personable. I want to thank you in particular for the incredible resources you have collated and shared. The pre-reading, course material and tools are beyond wonderful and infinitely appreciated.

~ Bianca Keys – Mediation Specialist / Conflict Coach

Inspiring, authentic. Reaching far beyond technical skills to the heart of mediation. Opening up possibilities for participants and extending resources for practice.

~ Ewa Grajewska – HR Consultant / Mediator

Very calm and tranquil presence. Very real. I appreciated the effort put into the materials and the days. Learnt a lot and really motivated to move towards workplace mediation with more confidence. Great that the course covered not only process. Loved the self-care which is often forgotten about.

~ Yula Blecher – FDRP / Mediator

Excellent communication. Passionate about what she does. Walks the talk. Exceptionally well-presented and researched. Materials comprehensive. Remarkable reflection on practice and integration of materials and knowledge into a person-centred mediation practice. Exceptional practical tips and tools.

~ Robyn Greaves – HR Consultant

At first I felt like I needed a restraining order and we finished mediation with a hug and laughing together – truly amazing! I never would have believed we could achieve agreements and move forward with such a dramatic change in attitude, with trust and respect. You helped us dig deep to reach agreements and secure sustainable outcomes – real cures, not just band-aids for superficial wounds.

~ Senior Manager, Financial Services, Sydney

I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful presentation...You brought the room back and took it forward and were so inspiring and professional. We found ourselves often quoting you during the afternoon and other speakers reiterated things you'd said and responses from attendees showed we absorbed and were putting into place things we'd learned from you. I wish we could have had you speaking for hours. You are a wonderful speaker, so empathetic, and kind, and inspiring.

~ Lynda Stoner, CEO, Animal Liberation

I was lucky enough to engage Caryn’s services as an executive coach in 2022. Caryn is an excellent listener, is highly empathetic and intelligent. She applied a diverse range of disciplines and models in a confident and practical manner to help me work through a number of difficult issues. I am greatly indebted to Caryn for helping me turn a challenging situation into an opportunity for growth and would warmly recommend her as an executive coach without hesitation.

~ Head of Legal & Corporate Services, Company Secretary