1. What is workplace mediation?

Workplace mediation is a confidential process where an impartial and independent third person assists two or more people in an organisation resolve conflict or disputed issues. The workplace mediator provides a structured process to ensure that both parties are able to express their view of the issues and to feel heard.

2. What types of issues can be resolved using our services?

We have a range of services that can assist you with individual, leadership, team and organisational issues. Check out our workplace mediation services page for a full list of the types of issues we can assist you resolve.

3. What do workplace mediators do?

Workplace mediators are experts in conflict resolution. They usually have a background in psychology, law or a combination of the two. Click here for Mindful Mediation’s expertise.

4. How long does mediation take?

Mediation can take between a couple of hours and a few days. The length of the mediation depends on the people involved, the type of issues and whether other services such as coaching, facilitation, training or team mediation are utilised alongside our workplace mediation services.

5. Does workplace mediation work?

Workplace mediation is usually a very successful process. Often people involved in conflict have ceased communication or are communicating on a need only basis. This can led to assumptions and misperceptions about each others behaviour. Workplace mediation enables work colleagues to open up the channels of communication. People often find out information that can lead to changes in perception and thereby changes in workplace relationship dynamics. Read some feedback from our clients.

6. What are the long term effects of workplace mediation?

Workplace mediation is a thorough process. People often report that workplace mediation outcomes are durable and improve working relationships for years to come. New communication skills are also learnt that assist people to prevent or minimise future conflict. Read some feedback from our clients.

7. How many people can be involved in workplace mediation?

There is no limit to the number of people involved in a workplace mediation. In the workplace most commonly two to ten or so people are involved. The number depends on an assessment of the issues, whether the issues are affecting the whole team or just a few people. Workplace mediators can help with deciding who needs to be involved.

8. Why manage conflict in the workplace?

Conflict management in the workplace can save your organisation from the costs of lower motivation, productivity, performance and higher turnover.

9. What is the cost of workplace conflict to an organisation?

Workplace conflict can cost an organisation hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars as a result of litigation and workcover claims. It also costs an organisation in lost productivity of staff (HR and managers) that attempt to resolve the conflict inhouse. A recent international study concluded that managers spend around 20-30% of their time each year dealing with workplace conflict. Despite this figure, in the same study 89% of people reported that they had experienced a workplace conflict that had escalated. So while managers are spending a lot of their time dealing with conflict, they may not always be getting the results they desire.