Effective conflict management in the workplace can save your organisation time, money and workplace relationships.

Workplace conflict is costly. Conflict at work can lead to decreased engagement and productivity, increased stress, illness, presenteeism, absenteeism and higher turn over. Workplace conflict can impact all levels of an organisation, often affecting whole teams and even divisions and departments.

Workplace conflict is often associated with stress. Workplace stress is estimated to cost the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year. Stress-related presenteeism and absenteeism directly costs Australian organisations $10.11 billion a year. On average, 3.2 days per worker are lost each year due to workplace stress.

Effective conflict management in the workplace counters some of these negative aspects of conflict. When conflict is managed effectively, many disputes can be minimised or prevented. Some strategies are more effective than others. Sometimes we think we are using the most effective strategies only to find that it excaserbates the conflict.

Mindful Mediation helps organisations implement effective and durable workplace conflict management strategies. Our workplace conflict management strategies are holistic, solution-focused and evidence-based.

Benefits of Conflict Management in the Workplace:

Effective workplace conflict management has many benefits:

  • Increased performance, productivity and motivation
  • Employee retention
  • Reduced stress, absenteeism, presenteeism
  • Enhanced workplace communication, team functioning and effectiveness
  • Development of conflict resolution skills

Looking for Conflict Management Training?

We offer 5 courses for managers to assist them prevent, resolve and manage workplace conflict.

Workplace Conflict Resolution Training Package for Managers (includes 5 courses):

  1. Conflict Management in the Workplace
  2. How to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace 
  3. High Conflict Management 
  4. Workplace Conflict Resolution Tips and Strategies
  5. Preventing Conflict When Working Remotely
  • Conflict Management in the Workplace $197AUD
    1. The impact of conflict
    2. Causes of conflict 
    3. Identifying conflict early
    4. Stopping the escalation of conflict
    5. Simple strategies to intervene early

An introductory course for managers focused on how to identify and intervene in conflict before it escalates. Managers will discover what to look for to uncover conflict in its early stages and how to explore the underlying causes of conflict. They will also learn the impact of common responses to conflict and how manager responses are vital to early and successful resolution. Managers will begin to develop practical strategies to intervene early to create positive outcomes.

  • How to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace $197AUD
    1. Planning for Successful Processes
    2. Diagnosing conflict
    3. Individual discussions
    4. Conflict resolution process for managers
    5. Implementation and action 

A practical course focused on ensuring managers can successfully resolve simple low level conflict before it escalates. Managers will learn a proven step-by-step dispute resolution process and apply it to a common workplace case study. The extensive case study will help managers grasp each stage of the dispute resolution process from analysing the conflict and choosing the most effective dispute resolution process, to successfully resolving the dispute. After completing this course, managers will feel confident and skilled to approach and resolve everyday workplace conflicts.

  • High Conflict Management $197AUD
    1. Identifying high-level conflict
    2. Causes of High Level Conflict
    3. Preventing Workers Compensation and Bullying Claims
    4. Supporting people involved in high-level conflict
    5. Mental health and high conflict

This course is designed to prevent grievances, workers compensation, and bullying and harassment claims. Managers will discover how to best support and work with vulnerable team members experiencing workplace challenges. They will also learn how to identify vulnerable team members and mental health issues, and when and how to seek their own support from human resources and senior managers.

  • Workplace Conflict Resolution Tips and Strategies $197AUD
    1. Key conflict resolution skills and strategies
    2. Defusing destructive emotions
    3. Manager self-awareness 
    4. What your staff need
    5. Keeping your cool

The focus of this course is to train managers in best practice conflict resolution strategies and skills. Managers will learn how to think and behave like a mediator so they can successfully resolve simple low level conflicts confidently, quickly and easily on their own. They will also learn to self-reflect so they can best support team members experiencing workplace conflict.

  • Preventing Conflict When Working Remotely
  1. New working conditions
  2. Emotions and online (email) 
  3. How to remain connected
  4. How to prevent issues from escalating

Benefits From Online Workplace Conflict Resolution Training

Designed for managers, this online training can be completed wherever your staff are, whenever they have time. The main benefits of the workplace conflict resolution training for managers are to:

  • develop their workplace conflict resolution skills to prevent or minimise workplace conflict
  • have access to practical, easy to use strategies to resolve low level workplace conflict
  • improve their workplace relationships and team management
  • prevent or reduce complaints, grievances, or claims

Book Online Management Training Now!

Book into our online training now! Workplace Conflict Management Training is hands on and practical, and designed for immediate implementation. All case studies are based on real-life workplace conflict scenarios that managers deal with every day.

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