Mindful Mediation provides mediation and dispute resolutionservices to assist you successfully resolve issues and disputes.Mediation is one form of dispute resolution process offered by Mindful Mediation. Our dispute resolutionservices include:MediationFacilitation

Conflict Coaching

Team Assessments

Mindful Mediation’s mediation and dispute resolution services are designed to assist you with resolving conflicts fast and effectively to minimise the impact of they have on yours and others’ lives.

In the workplace

Workplace conflict is associated with decreased engagement and productivity, increased stress, illness, presenteeism, absenteeism and higher turn over.

Effectively resolving workplace conflicts can eliminate or minimise many of these effects, saving you time, money and workplace relationships.

At home

At home conflict is associated with heightened stress levels, insomnia, demotivation, depression, anxiety and illness.

Resolving conflict

Resolving conflicts can be challenging, particularly when conflict is complex and the issues are sensitive.

Mindful Mediation’s mediators are experts at dispute resolution and mediation. They are experienced at dealing with long-standing and engrained conflicts as well as more short-lived issues. They can relieve the burden conflict can place on you, your family, your staff and organisation.

Many issues and disputes can be resolved using our mediation and dispute resolution services.

“Caryn, you facilitated an environment where we felt safe, and comfortable to be totally open and honest with ourselves & each other. I doubt we could have done that, and resolved our differences, without mediation with you.”

Mindful Mediation’s dispute resolution services can assist you with finding fast and effective resolutions to your dispute. Call 1300 MINDFUL (646 338) now.