Workplace Mediation

Are you looking for an expert workplace mediator to resolve your workplace conflict?

Why use an expert workplace mediator?

Mindful Mediation’s team of multi-talented mediators have all completed specialist workplace mediation training. They understand workplace conflicts and organisational needs and use a step-by-step workplace mediation process designed to obtain durable resolutions.

What does employing Mindful Mediation to resolve your workplace conflict require?

The following steps are followed when employing our services

  1. You contact us via the phone number or contact form on the right
  2. We discuss your needs
  3. We supply you with a proposal and estimate for the work
  4. You sign an engagement of services document
  5. We supply you with an expert mediator
  6. Our mediator discusses the nature of the issues with the referrer or other nominated party
  7. Our mediator then meets with both / all parties individually either face to face or over the phone
  8. A process is recommended to resolve the issues – mediation, coaching, or facilitation depending on the nature of the issues.
  9. The process (/es) is conducted
  10.  We follow up to ensure resolutions are durable

How fast can we get started?

We work with you on your time frames. We can usually supply you with a mediator within a week. In some cases we have supplied organisations with mediators within 24 hours when issues have needed to be resolved urgently. The quicker you call us the quicker the issues will be resolved!

If you would like a workplace mediation specialist to contact you, please fill in the contact form or call us on 1300 646 338.

Can we choose our mediator?

Of course you can. Visit the Our Team page for more information on our mediators.