Effectively resolving workplace conflicts means that your employees can get on with their jobs, saving you time, money, and workplace relationships. Failing to resolve workplace conflict effectively and efficiently can place an immense burden on your staff and organisation. It is difficult to quantify the exact impact – but it is huge when you consider both direct and indirect consequences of workplace conflict.

International research, conducted by 3 leading business psychology firms in the US, Europe, and Brazil in 2008, found that 85% of employees at all levels of an organisation experience workplace conflict. It was also found that US employees spend around 2.8 hours each week dealing with workplace conflict, which is estimated to cost organisations around USD $359 billion in paid hours.

This study also found that countries that invest the most in effective conflict management report the highest levels of positive outcomes, which impacts an organisations bottom-line for years.

What is the impact of workplace conflict?

Workplace conflict can lead to decreased engagement and productivity, the breakdown of working relationships, mistrust, team dysfunction, ineffective leadership, increased stress, illness, presenteeism, absenteeism, higher turn over and the loss of valued employees.

Successfully resolving workplace conflict can eliminate or minimise many of these effects, and can even have benefits for organisations.

Resolving conflicts in the workplace can be challenging, particularly when the conflict is complex and the issues are sensitive.

What conflict resolution processes are available to resolve workplace conflicts?

Mindful Mediation provides a range of professional services specifically designed to assist you with resolving workplace conflicts fast and effectively:

Workplace Mediation


Conflict Coaching

Team Assessments

What kinds of workplace conflicts can be resolved using our services?

Most workplace issues can be resolved using our workplace mediation services:

  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Working and communication style differences
  • Leadership style differences
  • Team dysfunction
  • Management of grievances
  • Changing work practices
  • Job / role demarcation
  • Return to work
  • Employment terms and conditions
  • Employment termination conditions
  • Allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination
What are the benefits of resolving workplace conflicts?

Effectively resolving workplace conflicts has many benefits for your organisation:

  • Increased performance, productivity and motivation
  • More effective leadership
  • Increased trust
  • Creation of effective working relationships
  • Employee retention
  • Reduced stress, absenteeism, presenteeism
  • Enhanced workplace communication, team functioning and effectiveness
  • Development of conflict resolution skills

“I don’t think anyone could possibly understand the process or the benefits if they haven’t been through mediation.”

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