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Program Overview

This Advanced Workplace Mediation Training Program gives you the tools to enhance your workplace conflict resolution skills, and develop as a specialist workplace mediator. Click for a sample of Workplace Mediation Training Videos illustrating the course content.


This advanced training program focuses on micro-skill building using a multi-disciplinary approach including evidence-based psychological, and leadership development strategies and techniques that have successfully resolved hundreds of workplace conflicts for a diverse range of organisations.

The methodology outlined in this Program gets results – regardless of people involved, the type of issues, or the size and type of organisation.

Mindful Mediation’s proven unique methodology has successfully resolved hundreds of workplace conflicts for a diverse array of organisations.

Industries include: Television, Telecommunications, FMCG, Insurance, Banking and Finance, Legal, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Retail, Superannuation, Hospitality, Higher Education, Education, Child Care, Foster Care, Science, Not-For-Profit, Law Enforcement, Medical, Technology, IT, Community Services, Health, Engineering, Taxation, and Transport.

By the end of the Program you will feel confident in knowing what to do at each stage of the workplace mediation process from the initial referral of the conflict (and the types of questions you need to ask) to assisting the parties draft agreements, and making recommendations to organisations to prevent future issues.

You will have a step-by-step guide on how to conduct workplace mediations to reduce any fears and anxiety you may have in relation to conducting specialised workplace mediations within any organisation.

Once you have attended this course you will look forward to resolving workplace conflict!

What You Will Learn

  • A proven step-by-step methodology for successfully resolving workplace issues from start to finish (designed and used by a Psychologist / Lawyer / Mediator / Leadership Consultant to successfully resolve hundreds of workplace conflicts)
  • Evidence-based psychological tips and strategies for each stage of the mediation process
  • Leadership development tools and techniques to assist with coaching mediation clients
  • Practical tips for every stage of the mediation process
  • The unique attributes of the workplace context
  • How to assess for suitability for mediation in the workplace context
  • How to determine the most appropriate dispute resolution process for workplace conflict
  • How to work with vulnerable people, and people with mental health concerns in mediation
  • Relevant Employment Law
  • Bullying complaints and investigations, Workers’ Compensation Cases
  • Approaches for working with third parties (HR, managers, supports, or advisors)
  • Practical approaches for responding to power and emotional dynamics
  • Confidentiality in mediation
  • Reporting back to the organisation / manager / HR
  • How to make recommendations (with regard to conflict, culture, structure or system) to prevent or minimise future issues


Who Stands To Benefit From The Training

This advanced in-depth course is specifically designed for:

  • Accredited mediators who wish to advance their practice and work as specialist workplace mediators
  • Individuals who are currently working as mediators in family, commercial or community settings,  and wish to expand their skill set
  • HR practitioners and Managers who wish to gain knowledge and skills to assist them resolve workplace conflicts involving individuals, leaders, and groups
  • Psychologists who work with organisations
  • Industrial Relations and Employment Law Specialists

How Is The Course Delivered

This comprehensive Program is delivered in:

  • pre-reading and reflection
  • 3-day workshop
  • detailed, comprehensive workbook that guides you step-by-step through the workplace mediation process

Once you have concluded the workshop, you are supported to embed the skills you have learnt and develop your workplace mediation practice through regular group mentoring sessions. These sessions encourage you to regularly bring any current issues or challenges to the group for discussion.

About Your Trainer

Caryn Cridland is a Registered Psychologist (specialising in Organisational Psychology), admitted as a Solicitor, a Nationally Accredited Mediator, Leadership Consultant, and Qualified Yoga and Qi Gong Teacher.

Caryn has 8 years experience resolving workplace conflict, including team and multi-party mediations, group facilitations, and team building. Caryn also has extensive experience in leadership development (including facilitating group training sessions and one-on-one coaching on topics such as leadership style, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, communication and personality).

Caryn specialises in resolving complex conflicts involving teams and leaders. Her unique style is to combine conflict resolution with professional development opportunities. She has found this particularly effective in helping people to create sustainable changes in their working lives.

Caryn has found her uniquely designed workplace mediation methodology so successful that she wishes to share it with others to assist with creating more peaceful organisations.

Program Dates

The next Advanced Workplace Mediation Training Program dates are:

TBC – Sydney

Feedback From Workplace Mediation Training Programs

“Inspiring, authentic. Reaching far beyond technical skills to the heart of mediation. Opening up possibilities for participants and extending resources for practice.”                    Ewa Grajewska – HR Consultant / Mediator

“Caryn’s presentation was in my opinion quite unique in holding the attention of the group over the whole 3-day period. Her presentation was excellent and her style thoroughly engaging. I found the workshop thoroughly informative and very enjoyable.” Sue Blashki – Former Magistrate / Mediator

“The pace was perfect so that the content was covered as promised – yet every opportunity was explored for additional personal needs. Caryn used her skills, knowledge as a model for learning. Her sharing of her experience was so generous and valuable. Not a power point presentation in sight! This was the most wonderful, confirming, educational workshop. Caryn tapped into everyone’s skills and needs.”  Carol Churchill – Case Manager / Mediator

“A wonderful, thorough job, professional and personable. I want to thank you in particular for the incredible resources you have collated and shared. The pre-reading, course material and tools are beyond wonderful and infinitely appreciated.”  Bianca Keys – Mediation Specialist / Conflict Coach

“Very calm and tranquil presence. Very real. I appreciated the effort put into the materials and the days. Learnt a lot and really motivated to move towards workplace mediation with more confidence. Great that the course covered not only process. Loved the self-care which is often forgotten about.”  Yula Blecher – FDRP / Mediator

“Excellent communication. Passionate about what she does. Walks the talk. Exceptionally well-presented and researched. Materials comprehensive. Remarkable reflection on practice and integration of materials and knowledge into a person-centred mediation practice. Exceptional practical tips and tools.”  Robyn Greaves – HR Consultant

Our Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not entirely happy with the course content and the trainer who delivered the session.

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