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What is workplace mediation?

Workplace mediation is a confidential process whereby a neutral third person facilitates communication between two or more people with issues in dispute.

What is a workplace mediator’s role?

The mediator’s role is to provide a process to identify the issues, develop options, and reach an agreement that satisfies the needs of the people in dispute, as much as possible.

Workplace mediators ensure that everyone involved is able to express their view of the issues and their needs, and to feel heard.

What are the goals of workplace mediation?

The goal of workplace mediation is to empower people to take responsibility for the conflict and its resolution.

Most workplace mediations focus on improving relationships between the people involved in workplace conflict. Some focus solely on the key issues and working on an amicable separation.

Workplace mediations aimed at improving relationships focus on how the issues are discussed, the individuals’ style and their decision-making process. Perspective-taking and viewing the conflict from a broader perspective are also central to this type of workplace mediation. The mediation itself acts as the first step for individuals in modelling new problem-solving behaviours. The mediation marks the beginning of a new and effective working relationship.

Can anyone be involved in a workplace mediation?

Workplace mediation successfully resolves issues between people at all levels of an organisation, including between:

  • Staff members
  • Staff and managers
  • Managers
  • Staff and customers, clients, or stakeholders
  • Team members
  • Teams.

What types of issues can be resolved using workplace mediation?

Workplace mediation is a suitable workplace conflict resolution process for a wide variety of workplace issues and disputes:

  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Working and communication style differences
  • Leadership style differences
  • Management of grievances
  • Changing work practices
  • Job / role demarcation
  • Return to work
  • Employment terms and conditions
  • Employment termination conditions
  • Allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination

What are the benefits of workplace mediation?

  • Saves time, money and relationships
  • Reduced costs compared with courts, tribunals and investigation processes.
  • Gets people back to work fast
  • Heals relationships and rebuilds trust
  • Usually increases reported motivation, productivity, performance, work satisfaction and well-being
  • Leads to skill building

What can workplace mediators assist you with?

  • Diagnosing the issues and needs
  • Deciding who needs to be involved in the dispute resolution process
  • Determining the most effective dispute resolution process for the issues and the people involved
  • Resolving the presenting issues
  • Planning strategies to prevent, minimise or manage future workplace conflict.

Confidentiality, impartiality and independence are assured.

“I don’t think anyone could possibly understand the process or the benefits if they haven’t been through mediation.”

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