Advanced Workplace Mediation Training

Advanced Workplace Mediation Training

Are you an accredited mediator looking to specialise in Workplace Mediation?

Why specialise in Workplace Mediation?

Specialising in workplace mediation ensures that you know what to expect at every stage of the Workplace Mediation Process – from the initial referral to following up with the parties and referrer and making recommendations back to the organisation.

What does the Advanced Workplace Mediation Training involve?

The Advanced Workplace Mediation Training involves completing a 3 Day Workshop that is focused on developing Workplace Mediation specific skills including:

  • Practical Tips for resolving workplace conflict at every stage of the workplace mediation process
  • Psychological Evidence-Based insights into why mediators use the particular skills they do and what outcomes will result from each of these skills and techniques
  • Leadership Development tools and techniques that support durable resolution

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Who Will Benefit From Completing the Advanced Workplace Mediation Training?

  • Accredited mediators who wish to advance their practice and work as specialist workplace mediators
  • Individuals who are currently working as mediators in family, commercial or community settings,  and wish to expand their skill set
  • HR practitioners and Managers who wish to gain knowledge and skills to assist them resolve workplace conflicts involving individuals, leaders, and groups
  • Psychologists who work with organisations
  • Industrial Relations and Employment Law Specialists

How can I complete the Advanced Workplace Mediation Training?

We offer the 3 Day Advanced Workplace Mediation Training  Course a few times a year. It is currently offered face to face only. The Advanced Workplace Mediation Training will soon be offered online for easy completion in your own time.

When can I complete the Advanced Workplace Mediation Training?

If you are interested in completing the Advanced Workplace Mediation Training  Course, you may register now to secure your place on our next course.

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