Is a team in your organisation experiencing dysfunction characterised by one or more of the following?
  • High levels of interpersonal conflict
  • A drop in productivity
  • Breakdowns in communication
  • Strained reporting relationships
Want to enhance team functioning and effectiveness?

Whether you are a manager or an HR practitioner, sometimes it is difficult to ascertain the underlying causes of team dysfunction and conflict. This makes finding an effective and efficient solution challenging.

Team Assessments give managers and HR insight into how the team is functioning, according to team members. Team assessments are totally confidential. Team members are often more comfortable saying how they really feel to an independent interviewer.

Try a Team Assessment

Team Assessments provide pertinent insights into teams without the need for a formal investigation process. Some team conflicts have shifted as a result of a team assessment alone.

Mindful Mediation’s Team Assessment process is as follows:

We work with you to develop a set of pre-agreed questions.

  1. An experienced interviewer interviews all team members with the same questions.
  2. Interviews are conducted on a strictly confidential basis.
  3. The answers to the questions are then analysed in a number of ways.
  4. Analysis leads to the development of themes.
  5. No identifying information is reported back to the organisation.
  6. A comprehensive report is produced with recommendations for future positive action.
If you would like more information about our confidential team assessments, please call us on 1300 646 338.