Coaching involves one-on-one sessions between a coach and an individual, or small group. It is used to develop individual skills in leadership, communication, or to assist in dealing with workplace issues and relationships.

Used alongside mediation

Conflict coaching is highly effective when used alongside workplace mediation. It is used to help prepare people for mediation. Conflict coaching promotes self-reflection, perspective-taking and viewing the issues in the broader context.

Used instead of mediation

Conflict coaching is also successfully used as an alternative to workplace mediation where individuals refuse to meet face-to-face or engage at all. Individuals are able to gain insight, clarity and perspective, without meeting the other person/s. Some times this is enough to influence huge shifts in people’s behaviour. Self-development activities are effective in this case to further enhance the behavioural change process and encourage learning.

Assisting managers and HR minimise the impact of workplace conflict

Some organisational conflict is highly complex and sensitive. Mindful Mediation offers coaching to managers and HR practitioners to assist with the prevention of unintentional exacerbation of conflict. In these situations, coaching is used to assist managers and HR practitioners deal more effectively with conflict in their organisation. Mindful Mediation facilitates the development of communication strategies and plans to assist HR and managers communicate effectively with the people involved in workplace conflict.

Leadership Development

We use a carefully selected range of new and innovative, as well as ‘stood the test of time’ tools. The battery of tools we use are designed to increase self-awareness and development, increase knowledge of individual differences, and enhance relationships and team functioning.

Some of Our Tools

Some of the assessment tools we use:

Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) (Emotional Intelligence)

The MSCEIT is a gold standard ability measure of emotional intelligence. It is precise and illuminating of hidden talents and developmental needs. The MSCEIT provides a great basis for self-discovery and starting point for future emotional skill development. The areas it focuses on are Recognising, Using, Understanding and Managing emotions.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) (Personality)

The MBTI is a popular widely used measure of personality preferences. It is great for use in team building, multi-party conflict, and creating effective working relationships. The MBTI expands awareness of individual differences in preferences. The preferences include how we make decisions, how we gather data, and where we get our energy from. Our focus is on using the MBTI to understand how we deal with conflict and how that can differ with the way others deal with it.

4MAT / Learning Type Measure (Communication)

The Learning Type Measure is a unique business tool designed to help people recognise and understand the differences in the way people learn, communicate and interact. It can be helpful when communication style differences are leading to frustrations. Co-workers can be assisted to develop more effective communication strategies once they understand each others’ communication preferences.

Managerial Style Workbook (MSW)

The MSW encourages managers to reflect upon their managerial style and whether it is a good fit with the environment they are working in. The tool focuses on 6 managerial styles – coercive, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting and coaching. Upon reflection of their role, the organisation and the situation managers may make changes to their style.

Other tools that may be of interest:

Values, motivators, and conflict style.

We are able to provide workshops in all of these areas and more. Click here to register your interest.

About Our Coaching Services

“The benefits I received through the coaching process were learning different, very useful tools to deepen reflections about work relationships, and to understand myself, and my reactions in various situations with people I work with. The tools are practical and easy to use too. I have enjoyed your support and “company” for the past 12 months. Our meetings have been very helpful as my view of my workplace when I met you was pretty grim. Many thanks.”  Head of Commercial Services, The Arts

“Thanks for helping me stay positive and optimistic.” Head of Financial Services, Insurance

About Our Assessment Tools

“…Very useful tools to deepen reflections about work relationships, and to understand myself, and my reactions in various situations with people I work with. The tools are practical and easy to use too.” 

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