Resolving issues in large groups

Facilitation involves assisting groups of people to communicate more effectively, strategise and develop plans. A facilitator is used to assist with the flow of meetings, ensuring that everyone is heard, the meeting is productive and time limits are enforced. They can also provide feedback to the group on how to self-facilitate in future.

Resolving conflict

Facilitation is also highly effective alongside mediation, where workplace conflict between a few individuals has affected a whole team or there is team dysfunction. In this case, once initial mediations are conducted with a few key people, team facilitations are arranged to assist with integrating the changes to work practices and relationships into the whole team.

Conflict style workshops can be conducted alongside team facilitations to enhance the self-development of team members and their appreciation of the difference of their style compared with others. Plans are then developed as to how to communicate more effectively in future and prevent future issues arising unnecessarily.

Training in accordance with adult learning principles

Facilitation is also be used to train groups in accordance with adult learning principles. Mindful Mediation offers a range of facilitated workshops that can be used alongside mediation to assist with preventing future conflict. Some examples include conflict prevention and management, mediation skills, communication and conflict styles.


Facilitation can be used in the workplace to assist with:

• Enhancing team functioning and effectiveness

• Rebuilding teams

• Resolving team or group conflict

• Improving team meetings

• Helping team members to communicate safely and effectively, and to feel heard.

Mindful Mediation offers facilitation services to assist your organisation communicate more effectively to resolve team or organisational issues.

About Our Facilitation Services

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