Mindful Mediation’s holistic approach to workplace conflict resolution is based on a combination of evidence-based models and techniques.
We use a combination of evidence-based psychological and legally-based, approaches and techniques. That is what makes Mindful Mediation unique.

Our holistic approach is focused on resolving the presenting issues, as well as the underlying issues that lead to much conflict. Our goal is to improve individual understanding, promote behavioural change, and foster more harmonious workplaces.

For each dispute we tailor the workplace conflict resolution processes to the type of issues / dispute, and the people involved.

Mindful Mediation’s Resolution Process

1. Arrange an initial consultation

2. Assess and diagnose the issues / dispute

3. Determine and recommend a workplace mediation, workplace facilitation, conflict coaching or team assessment service

4. Assess whether support people need to be involved in the workplace conflict resolution process

5. Match workplace mediators, facilitators or coaches to the people involved and the type of issues / dispute

6. Provide the workplace conflict resolution services

7. Make recommendations where requested and consented to by all people involved

8. Follow up to ensure the resolutions are effective and durable

Download a Blueprint of our workplace conflict resolution processes.

Download a PDF of some of the Mediation Models used by Mindful Mediation.

“Thanks again for yesterday. I was very pleased with the process and outcome, and I think your approach and manner was a significant factor in the progress that was made.”

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