MSCEIT Accreditation Facilitation Coaching

MSCEIT – Emotional Intelligence Assessment, Facilitation and Coaching

The Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) is considered the gold standard in emotional intelligence testing. It is a performance test, much like an IQ test for emotions. People completing the MSCEIT are asked to resolve a series of problems relating to emotions. The MSCEIT provides individual, objective feedback on your skills in Recognising, Using, Understanding and Managing Emotions.

Accreditation on the MSCEIT

The MSCEIT requires accreditation to administer, coach, and facilitate workshops.

We are accredited to administer the MSCEIT and provide facilitation and coaching on the tool. We have completed basic and advanced-level training on the MSCEIT.

MSCEIT Coaching

We have coached thousands of people in a variety of industries around Australia, on the MSCEIT.

Some of Client industries include: FMCG, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Medical Engineering Consulting, Universities, Mining and State and Federal Government.

MSCEIT Workshop Facilitation

We recommend a 1 day MSCEIT workshop where possible to get the most out of the learning – enabling participants to understand the information and apply it back at work. We have also previously provided 1/2 and 2 day workshops in response to client needs.


We can provide a range of MSCEIT reports, depending on your goals and needs. Our most popular MSCEIT Report is the The Leadership Development Report. It is a more than 40 page report, which outlines current ability and provides suggests as to how to develop skills in needed areas. MSCEIT Coaching helps to tailor learning and provide individual. Participants leave sessions with action points that assist with their personal development.


Here is sample of what you will hear about in the Workshop:

Empathy and the MSCEIT

Who will benefit from the MSCEIT?
  • leaders wishing to develop their “people” skills and increase their self-awareness
  • professionals wishing to develop themselves
  • graduates wishing to develop their skills at the beginning of their career
  • anyone who is receiving coaching or training and wishes to have further information for self-reflection
  • people in conflict who wish to deeply reflect on the causes of the conflict and develop as a result of these challenges

The MSCEIT is most popularly used for leadership development, coaching, and training. We also use the MSCEIT to assist with coaching pre-mediation in high conflict situations where skill development and self-reflection can assist.

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