Workplace mediation is a confidential process where an impartial and independent third person facilitates communication between two or more people in a dispute. The workplace mediators’ role is to provide a structured process that assists with identifying the issues, developing options, and reaching an agreement that satisfies the needs of the people involved, as much as possible.

The goal of workplace mediation is to empower people to take responsibility for the issues and the resolution. People are encouraged to view the dispute from within the broader organisational context and from multiple perspectives.

Successful workplace mediation improves workplace relationships by focusing not only on the issues, but how the issues are discussed, the participant’s individual styles, and their decision-making process.

The mediation itself acts as the first step for participants in role-modelling new problem-solving behaviours. It is the beginning of their new and effective working relationship.

Mindful Mediation’s unique workplace mediation process is highly successful at resolving even the toughest, multi-party leadership disputes. We combine professional leadership development with conflict resolution to ensure all parties learn from the conflict, and growth and develop through it. Many leaders feel they have grown the most in their careers through participating in our processes.

We are dedicated to helping our clients reach their best through their worst (from their perspective) moments.

We have used workplace mediation to successfully resolve issues between employees at all levels of an organisation:

  • Between Founders / Owners
  • Between Executives
  • Between Senior Managers
  • Between Middle Managers
  • Between Staff and Managers
  • Within and Between Teams and Groups
  • Between Staff and Customers, Clients or Stakeholders

Mindful Mediation provides professional workplace mediation services to resolve a variety of issues and disputes.

Issues that may be resolved using workplace mediation include:

  • Executive Conflict
  • Leadership Disputes
  • Communication
  • Relationship issues
  • Interpersonal conflict / skills (emotional intelligence, communication)
  • Style incompatibility (communication, personality, leadership, and working style)
  • Team mistrust, breakdown of relationships, dysfunction
  • Grievance management
  • Allocation of work and performance
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Changes to work practices, processes, or technology
  • Demarcation of job / roles
  • Perceived unfair disciplinary action
  • Application or operation of a new award
  • Sexual harassment, racial discrimination

Benefits of workplace mediation:

  • Saves time, money, and workplace relationships
  • Reduced costs compared with courts, tribunals and investigation processes.
  • Gets people back to work fast
  • Heal relationships (both low-level issues and long-standing conflict)

“At first I felt like I needed a restraining order and we finished mediation with a hug and laughing together – truly amazing! I never would have believed we could achieve agreements and move forward with such a dramatic change in attitude, with trust and respect. You helped us dig deep to reach agreements and secure sustainable outcomes – real cures, not just band-aids for superficial wounds.”
~ Senior Manager, Insurance.

Workplace mediation is a cost-effective, highly successful, and durable workplace conflict resolution process. Call 1300 MINDFUL (646 338) for fast, effective, and durable professional workplace mediation services.