What do workplace mediators do?

Workplace mediators are experts at workplace conflict resolution.

A workplace mediators‘ role is to facilitate communication between people involved in workplace conflict. Workplace mediators provide a structured process to assist with identifying the issues, developing options and reaching an agreement that satisfies the needs of the people involved. They ensure that all participants are able to express their view of the issues and to feel heard.

Workplace mediators assist two or more people in an organisation resolve workplace conflict or disputed issues. They are impartial and independent and ensure confidentiality.

Workplace mediators are usually trained in law or psychology. Some have qualifications in both areas. All nationally accredited mediators bring skills in conflict resolution, mediation process and communication to the table. Depending on their background, workplace mediators may bring a wealth of additional knowledge to their workplace conflict resolution practice. Legally trained mediators bring great analytical skills, a logical and rational perspective and knowledge of the legal issues surrounding the dispute. Psychologists bring a wealth of evidence-based techniques and approaches to conflict, and a high-level knowledge of how individuals respond to conflict in the workplace. Workplace mediators may also have skills in counselling or human resources.

Workplace mediators often work alone. Two or more workplace mediators may be used for very large disputes or where requested. When two workplace mediators are used, they often bring complementary skills to the workplace conflict resolution process.

Workplace mediators are conflict resolution experts. Workplace mediators quickly determine the appropriate process to resolve the issues and get your employees back to work fast.

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