Advanced Workplace Mediation Training – Sydney

Advanced Workplace Mediation Training

8-10 October 2014. Sydney. Call 1300 646 338.

Mindful Mediation are offering an Advanced Workplace Mediation Training in Sydney on 8-10 October.

The 3 day Advanced Workplace Mediation Training offers mediators and other professionals an opportunity to develop advanced mediation skills with a focus on workplace disputes. This advanced training focuses on micro-skill building using a multi-disciplinary approach including evidence-based psychological, and leadership development strategies and techniques. These strategies and techniques have successfully resolved hundreds of workplace conflicts for a diverse range of organisations. The training gives you the tools to enhance your workplace conflict resolution skills, and develop as a specialist workplace mediator.

This course is run by an Expert Workplace Mediator who specialises only in workplace mediation. This process has resolved hundreds of workplace disputes, including high-level conflicts spanning more than a decade. Complex cases, including those involving workers compensation and bullying claims have been resolved using our comprehensive workplace mediation process. The methodology outlined in this training gets results – regardless of people involved, the type of issues, or the size and type of organisation. The course is designed for:

  • Accredited mediators who wish to advance their practice and work as specialist workplace mediators
  • Individuals who are currently working as mediators in family, commercial or community settings,  and wish to expand their skill set
  • HR practitioners and Managers who wish to gain knowledge and skills to assist them resolve workplace conflicts involving individuals, leaders, and groups
  • Psychologists who work with organisations
  • Industrial Relations and Employment Law Specialists

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