Mediation is a confidential process where an impartial and independent third person facilitates communication between two or more people with issues in dispute.

Our Process

Prior to beginning mediation or any dispute resolution process we make an in-depthe assessment of your individual needs. Click here for Our Process.

The mediator’s role

The mediator’s role is to provide a structured process that assists people to identify the key issues, develop options and reach a resolution that satisfies their needs and interests. The mediator does not give advice or offer solutions.

Steps in the mediation process

Mediation involves a number of steps.

  1. Individual Interviews with the individuals involved
  2. Planning and Assessment
  3. Mediator’s Opening
  4. Parties Statements
  5. Mediator’s Summaries
  6. Agenda Setting
  7. Exploration
  8. Option Generation and Evaluation
  9. Negotiation
  10. Resolution
The parties determine the content and outcome

The people involved in the mediation guide the content that is discussed and determine the outcome. The mediator guides the process.

Future-focused forum

Mediation is a future-focused forum. So while the past is discussed to assist people decide what they need, discussions largely focus on what they would like in the future.

The goal of mediation

The goal of mediation is to empower people to take responsibility for the situation and the resolution. People are encouraged to perspective-take and view the dispute within a broader context.

Models of mediation

There are a number of different models of mediation. Some of the ones we use are contained in the Mediation Techniques download.

Mindful Mediation specialise in workplace mediation.

About Our Mediation Services

“I don’t think anyone could possibly understand the process or the benefits if they haven’t been through mediation.”

“Caryn’s insights without judgment are a special talent and essential to success.”

“Thanks again for yesterday. I was very pleased with the process and outcome, and I think your approach and manner was a significant factor in the progress that was made.”

“Caryn’s experience, skills and delightful personality offer a unique ability to help participants consider other perspectives and become more self aware, sufficiently to open the door to reach agreements where simply could not see it before.”

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