Mentoring for New Mediators

Are you a newly qualified mediator looking to gain experience in mediation?

Why get mentoring?

It can be difficult to obtain experience as a mediator once accredited. Clients want experienced mediators and are often not willing to take on mediators who have just qualified. Mentoring enables newly qualified mediators to gain experience working alongside experienced mediators in a co-mediation model.

What does the Mentoring Program involve?

The mentoring program involves a newly accredited mediator being paired with a more experienced mediator. The pair will then co-mediate workplace mediation cases together. As your ability and confidence increases you will be given more opportunity to run the mediation on your own with the support of your experienced co-mediator. Your experienced co-mediator will help you prepare for the mediations and debrief afterwards ensuring your skills increase during every mediation.

How can I enter the Mentoring Program?

Due to demand, we give first choice of mentoring to mediators who have completed our 5 Day National Mediator Accreditation Course or Advanced Workplace Mediation Training. Other mediators will be considered upon application.

When can I get started on the Mentoring Program?

You can start the Mentoring Program whenever you are ready. Contact us to discuss your needs and the availability of experienced mediators. Start today!