Workplace Conflict Resolution Training

Workplace Conflict Resolution Training – One Day Workshop

Are you spending too much time resolving workplace conflict with limited success?

You’re not alone! Managers and HR practitioners often tell us they “wish they had seen it coming” or they “would have stepped in earlier if they knew what to do.”

People involved in conflict also realise that if they spoken to the other person/s involved in the conflict earlier, in a skilled way, the conflict could have been resolved quickly and effectively months, sometimes even years earlier.

Sadly, many people just don’t have the skills to effectively resolve conflict. Besides where are we taught them? They certainly weren’t taught at the schools I attended.

Lack of conflict resolution skills often leads to fears, which often leads to avoidance. Most of us are natural conflict avoiders – hoping that if we close our eyes the conflict will disappear. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case and conflicts instead escalate over time. Beginning with seemingly small and insignificant issues, conflicts grow into much larger issues.

Would you like to increase your staff’s workplace conflict resolution skills so that you can reduce the conflict in your workplace?

We have had many requests for workplace conflict resolution training specifically designed to up skill organisation’s staff, so we have designed a workshop just for you!

Some of the Areas You Will Learn

  • The warning signs that a Bullying Claim or Workers’ Compensation Claim may result
  • How to recognise conflict before it escalates
  • How to approach people you suspect may need assistance
  • Planning and executing conversations with people in conflict
  • Knowing the best time to approach people in conflict
  • Determining what is most important to your staff
  • Helping your staff create their own workable and sustainable solutions
  • How to resolve low-level workplace conflict before it escalates
  • How to support staff experiencing high levels of conflict
  • How to approach vulnerable people
  • What to do if you suspect someone in your team or workplace may have a mental health issue
  • Determining when you need professional help

PLEASE NOTE – we can tailor Workplace Conflict Resolution Training to particular client needs – so please let us know your particular needs. We will design a tailor-made Workplace Conflict Resolution Training just for you!

Who Stands To Benefit From Workplace Conflict Resolution Training?

This workshop is specifically designed for:

  • Managers wishing to develop their conflict resolution skills to prevent or minimise conflict
  • HR practitioners wishing to increase their conflict resolution skills in order to support people in conflict in the organisation
  • Professionals wishing to create more effective working relationships
  • Coaches, consultants or anyone working with teams

Start Today!

Book this one-day valuable workplace conflict resolution workshop for your staff. It is a practical and experiential, and based on real-life workplace conflicts that managers and HR practitioners like you face every day in the workplace.

Some of the case studies covered can include:

  • Promoting one staff member over another
  • Technically brilliant manager with limited skill in people management
  • Adapting to technology and change in the workplace
  • Change in management style
  • Incompatible working styles
  • Personality differences

Ready to take charge of the conflict in your workplace?

On average, managers spend 25-40% of their time managing conflict (Washington Business Journal, May, 2005).

Workplace conflict is estimated to cost the US economy $359 billion in paid hours (CPP, Inc. Global Human Capital Report, 2008).

Most workplace conflicts can be resolved without the need for grievances, investigations, claims or professional help.

YOU CAN prevent much of the conflict in your workplace!

Places are limited and the workshop will sell out, so click here to secure your spot today.

About Your Facilitator

Founder of Mindful Mediation Pty Ltd, Caryn Cridland, will conduct this impactful one-day workshop.

Caryn is a Workplace Mediation Specialist. She has successfully resolved hundreds of workplace conflicts for a diverse array of organisations – regardless of people involved, the type of issues, or the size and type of organisation.

Feedback From Participants of Workshops Facilitated by Caryn

“Caryn is an excellent facilitator. Her enthusiasm for the subject is infectious – her knowledge and experience is re-assuring. Excellent!”

“Caryn was very engaging and knowledgeable, genuinely interested in the topic and keen to ensure people understood.”

“Caryn is a very knowledgeable subject matter expert and responded well to questions and to the group.”

“Excellent. Interaction was high. Continuous buy-in with all participants.”

“Left the sessions excited about taking action to improve myself and trial new techniques.”

Our Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not entirely happy with the course content and the trainer who delivered the session.

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Or call our office now on 1300 646 338 to discuss your workplace conflict resolution needs.

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