Workplace Conflict Resolution Training

Looking for online Workplace Conflict Resolution Training to prevent workplace conflict from escalating into claims and grievances, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars?

What is it worth to your business to stop the escalation of conflict into high level conflict or claims?

Our online courses will empower your managers with the most practical and effective conflict resolution strategies straight out of an expert workplace mediator’s toolkit.

Learn workplace conflict resolution skills from a leading workplace mediation expert with over 16 years of experience. We have successfully resolved hundreds of workplace conflicts in numerous industries, state and federal government organisations, and from startups to corporations.

Upon completion of the training, your managers will be equipped to resolve internal low level workplace conflicts quickly and easily, helping you to prevent or reduce the need for external mediators later on.

Managers often say they “wish they saw it coming” or they “would have done something earlier if they knew what to do.” These courses ensure they will see conflict coming and know what to do when it does.nb

What You Will Learn in Workplace Conflict Resolution Training Package

We offer 4 courses for managers to assist them prevent, resolve and manage workplace conflict. These courses can be purchased separately or as part of the Workplace Conflict Resolution Training Package (Advanced) or (Basic).

Workplace Conflict Resolution Training Package for Managers (includes 4 courses):

  1. Conflict Management in the Workplace
  2. How to Resolve Workplace Conflict
  3. Workplace Conflict Resolution Skills and Strategies
  4. Preventing and Managing Claims and Complaints


Online Courses

Conflict Management in the Workplace 

Conflict Management in the Workplace empowers managers to stop the escalation of workplace conflict; preventing claims, and high level conflict. 

In this self-paced, online, short course managers will learn:

  • an expert process to identify conflict in its early stages
  • explore the underlying causes of conflict
  • diagnose the level of severity of conflict
  • how manager responses to conflict are vital to early, and successful resolution
  • practical strategies to intervene, and de-escalate conflict situations, and
  • how to create positive outcomes.

Every highly skilled conflict resolving manager in your organisation is saving you tens of thousands of dollars each year. Get started today!

How to Resolve Workplace Conflict (Basic) (Advanced)

How to Resolve Workplace Conflict empowers managers to resolve everyday low level conflicts in their team using a proven step-by-step process.

In this practical, online course, managers will learn:

  • how to confidently and successfully resolve conflicts before they escalate
  • how to analyse the conflict or complaint
  • how to choose the most effective dispute resolution process
  • every stage of an effective dispute resolution process
  • how to successfully resolve the dispute.

Stop low level conflicts and complaints from escalating into high level conflicts and complaints, and save your business thousands of dollars. 

Workplace Conflict Resolution Skills and Strategies

Workplace Conflict Resolution Skills and Strategies equips managers with expert level best practice skills and strategies so they can confidently deliver successful conflict resolution processes.

In this online, self-paced course, managers will learn:

  • how to think and behave like an expert mediator, so they can successfully resolve simple, low level conflicts quickly, and easily on their own
  • how to self-reflect and self-develop, in the context of workplace conflict
  • how to keep their cool, and manage high level emotions in themselves and others
  • how to understand their team members so they can best support those experiencing workplace conflict
  • how to demonstrate empathy to your team.

Expert workplace conflict resolvers in your organisation will save your company thousands of dollars each year through ensuring issues do no escalate into high level conflicts and complaints.

Preventing and Managing Claims and Complaints 

Preventing and Managing Claims and Complaints equips managers to prevent grievances, workers compensation, and bullying and harassment claims.

In this self-paced, online course, managers will discover:

  • how to identify high level conflicts, and ensure you have the right person to resolve them
  • the risks and consequences of high level conflicts, claims, grievances, and complaints for organisations, and how to avoid them
  • how managers can deal most effectively with high level conflicts and complaints
  • how to best support, and work with vulnerable team members experiencing workplace challenges, including those living with mental health concerns
  • how to identify vulnerable team members, and mental health issues
  • when and how to seek support from human resources, and senior managers.

Benefits From Online Workplace Conflict Resolution Training

Designed for managers, this online training can be completed wherever your staff are, whenever they have time. The main benefits of the workplace conflict resolution training for managers are to:

  • develop their workplace conflict resolution skills to prevent or minimise workplace conflict
  • have access to practical, easy to use strategies to resolve low level workplace conflict
  • improve their workplace relationships and team management
  • prevent or reduce complaints, grievances, or claims

Book Online Workplace Conflict Resolution Training Now!

Book into our online training now! Workplace Conflict Resolution Training is hands on and practical, and designed for immediate implementation. All case studies are based on real-life workplace conflict scenarios that managers deal with every day.

Did you know?

Most workplace conflict can be resolved without the need for complaints, grievances, claims, mediators, or investigators.

YOU CAN prevent most of the conflict in your workplace through ensuring managers are equipped to deal with it!

Book into this online to find out how you can easily reduce the conflict in your workplace.

About Your Course Author

Caryn Cridland, Founder of Mindful Mediation Pty Ltd, has developed all the content and designed all the training courses, in conjunction with a learning expert.

Caryn is a Workplace Mediation Expert. She has successfully resolved hundreds of workplace conflicts for numerous organisations for over 16 years. Caryn now specialises in Executive Conflict Resolution.

In-house Training

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Feedback From Participants of Programs Designed by Caryn

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“Caryn was very engaging and knowledgeable, genuinely interested in the topic and keen to ensure people understood.”

“Caryn is an excellent facilitator. Her enthusiasm for the subject is infectious – her knowledge and experience is re-assuring. Excellent!”

“Caryn is a very knowledgeable subject matter expert and responded well to questions and to the group.”

“Excellent. Interaction was high. Continuous buy-in with all participants.”

“Left the sessions excited about taking action to improve myself and trial new techniques.”


Online Courses

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