Advanced Workplace Mediation Training – July 2014

Workplace Mediation Training

23-25 July 2014. Canberra. Advanced Workplace Mediation Training. 

12-16 May 2014. Sydney. 5 Day – Workplace Mediation Training – National Accreditation (NMAS).

Call 1300 646 338.

Mindful Mediation are delighted to let you know that we are now offering two workplace mediation training courses.

The Workplace Mediation Training – 5 Day National Accreditation Course meets the requirements for National Accreditation under the National Mediation Accreditation Scheme (NMAS). This course is suited to mediators who would like to gain National Accreditation with a focus on workplace disputes.

The Workplace Mediation Training Program offers advanced level training for mediators who are already accredited and looking to develop advanced mediation skills with a focus on workplace disputes.

Our courses are run by Expert Workplace Mediators who specialise only in workplace mediation. They have resolved hundreds of workplace disputes including high-level conflicts spanning more than a decade and involving workers compensation and bullying claims.

5 Day Workplace Mediation National Accreditation Course

Would you like a detailed overview of what to expect in our 5 Day Workplace Mediation Course? Click Here.

Eventbrite - Workplace Mediation Training Course - SYDNEY

3 Day Advanced Workplace Mediation Training Program

Would you like a detailed overview of what to expect in our Advanced Workplace Mediation Program? Click Here.

Eventbrite - Advanced Workplace Mediation Training - SYDNEY

Would you like to develop your workplace mediation skills through expert practitioner developed and run workplace mediation training call 1300 646 338.

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