Workplace Conflict Resolution Training Package for Managers – Advanced – 4 Courses


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The Workplace Conflict Resolution Training Package for Managers is a series of short courses designed to ensure managers can confidently approach, manage, and resolve everyday workplace conflict.

Managers who complete the four courses will be equipped to stop the escalation of conflict, reduce grievances and claims, and prevent the formation of dysfunctional teams. Preventing the escalation of conflict will also reduce the cost of conflict resolution, and the impact on productivity and performance, freeing you up to do what you’re in business to do!

The Advanced Package provides managers with everything they need to run a successful conflict resolution process like an expert including downloadable templates they can use at each stage of the process.

About the author

All of our courses are designed and developed by expert workplace mediator, Caryn Cridland. She is a registered business psychologist, with a legal background, who has trained and worked in dispute resolution for over 20 years. Caryn has run her own specialist workplace mediation consultancy for over 16 years, and lectured postgraduate students at the University of Technology, Sydney, for 13 years. She has also worked in leadership development since 2007.

Courses are designed to be taken together as a whole but can also be purchased and taken individually.

4 Courses in the Workplace Conflict Resolution Training Package for Managers

  1. Conflict Management in the Workplace $197
  2. How to Resolve Workplace Conflict $397
  3. Workplace Conflict Resolution Skills and Strategies $197
  4. Preventing and Managing Claims and Complaints $297

Save $293 when you purchase the package upfront, which includes all 4 courses.

Training Package Benefits:

  • Practical, hands on training
  • Innovative multi-disciplinary approach
  • Evidence-based psychology
  • Integration of conflict resolution, psychology, and leadership development
  • Proven techniques and processes
  • Hard hitting / impactful content   
  • Real life case studies that represent your current team
  • Immediate implementation for managers
  • Designed by a trainer with over 16 years experience resolving workplace conflicts, 20 years in the dispute resolution industry.


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